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“ We turned our dance lessons into a dinner and dancing date! It became a welcomed weekly escape from our hectic wedding planning." Cindy Rich, TWDS client, Newlywed, Senior Writer for Washingtonian Magazine"


The dance lessons are 1% of your wedding budget but 50% of your image in the spotlight!

The other 50% is your attire. The average cost of a DC metro area wedding for 120 guests is $30,000.00
Making her feel like Cinderella for less than the price of your wedding cake - PRICELESS!

SALE - Privates

# of Lessons
Sale on Private Wedding Dance Lessons

Private lesson rates assume 2 people/per lesson." One private lesson is :55 minutes (longer than the :45 min industry standard of traditional studios). Purchase is valid for 12 months.
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All Packages Include: (a "package" is 2 or more lessons)

  • Instructors who have worked with more engaged couples than anyone in the area and most recommended by the media, wedding vendors and couples!
  • Instructors who have the patience and enthusiasm to work with beginners.
  • Instructors who have years of teaching, performing, and/or competing experience who love working with beginners.
  • Instructors who have receive years of dance training and specialized training in weddings
  • Elegant entrance, finale & exit for dynamic videos and photographs.
  • Natural movements that make your video and photos dynamic!
  • Elegant Twirls
  • Travelling around the dance floor
  • "Teamwork" techniques to travel across the floor, look confident and elegant
  • Nationally Trendsetting Wedding Day Dance Timeline
  • Nationally Trendsetting Wedding Day Dance Survival Tips, Practice Tips and Partnering Techniques
  • Use our Practice Crinoline for wedding dance dress rehearsal.
  • Video Taping
  • All packages require outside practice to reinforce material covered in class. The smaller packages require more home practice than larger packages due to the lack of repeated reinforcement from professionally supervised practice.
  • We don't compete on rates, we compete on quality. We GUARANTEE that we can make you look more natural and elegant in a shorter amount of time than any other "traditonal" studio or anyone who "claims" to be a wedding expert simply by slapping up a pink website or advertising on wedding sites. Therefore our rates are the most affordable in the long run.
  • We also GUARANTEE a wedding dance which we define as having moves for the beginning (Entrance), middle (Body) and end (Finale) and closure (Exit) of the dance.
  • (optional) 3 hour discounted Wedding Dance Boot Camp that qualifies you for discounts on private lessons, supervised practice and an introductory foundation of what to expect from a whole routine in one visit.

Regardless of what unit rate quotes you may recieve elsewhere our TOTAL package rates are the MOST AFFORDABLE in the long run because we GUARANTEE a complete routine that looks better in a shorter amount of time than any other company with the MOST QUALIFIED wedding dance experts in the country who inspired a niche industry worldwide!


- :55 minutes

  • Upgrade from the Miracle package to add polish and technique to your routine after you had a chance to go home and practice.
  • Polish up a package after an extended break from past lessons
  • Focus on favorite moves, tweak and customize and polish up after attending Wedding Dance Boot Camp
  • Initial Meeting to test the waters
  • As an upgrade strategy to take advantage of price breaks and jump into the next quantity rate discounted package
  • If your schedule is tight or the wedding is one week away and you can only make one visit then it is recommended to convert this to a double session (2 hours back to back in one visit)

THE MIRACLE - AKA ONE VISIT GUARANTEE - The Nation's Original , Only and Renowned Crash Course

( option for back to back in one visit) : each lesson is :55 mins

  • Tight on time and money? Is your wedding this week? Was your partner in dance denial until the last minute? You're in luck!

  • Does your partner dread the spotlight and fear dancing so much that you can only drag him/her in for one visit? We understand.
  • Are your parents in town only for the weekend and you want to have an Honors Dance with them?

  • We invented the one visit GUARANTEE for wedding dances! Your "Fairy Godmothers of Wedding Dance" are basically working a miracle here people. Luckily we are the premiere national experts! (Inter galactic experts actually but we are trying to be humble.)

  • This is not the ideal situation since the spotlight dances are the most sacred ritual of the reception so we recommend this for emergencies only when the wedding is just 1 or 2 weeks away as their is little time for questions, supervised rehearsal and no opportunity for future feedback, polish or fine tuning after you go home to practice and memorize.

  • Even the simplest dance requires significant home practice to look natural.


- the absolute minimum we recommend if your wedding is two or more weeks away.

  • Spotlight Survival Crash Course to avoid embarassment and the dreaded "high school prom sway."
  • Opportunity to polish technique to look natural and relaxed after you memorize and practice content at home
  • Option to get creative with Fun dips or lunges
  • Tight schedule? Consider - 2 double sessions + 1 polish = 3 visits / 5 hours
  • Intro to tempo and musicality
  • Enjoy your lessons by not putting yourself under tremendous pressure by rushing the process and therefore, stay engaged (Just kidding, dance teachers/Fairy Godmothers are secretly pre-marital counselors)


The most popular package

trips to the studio can be minimized with double sessions back to back

Option to add Honors Dance with Parents
Technique and Polish
More emphasis on Tempo and musicality strategy
More choreography
More variety of moves
Relaxing pace


10 - 15 PRIVATE LESSONS - 5 -12 visits if you take double sessions

A lot of variety in moves
Imitation of popular or specific special routines as seen on TV or YouTube
A variety of dance styles to dance all night at the reception, at the honeymoon & future social events
Smoother technique
More confidence



All of the above
Studio showcase quality - option to perform in front of a crowd before or after the wedding and receive professional photos.
Share the package with bridal party before the wedding by transferring credit to semi private or mini group for a group routine.
Share the package with friends after the wedding by transferring credit to semi private or mini group for a "date night" after the wedding.


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You can trust the premiere premiere international experts on wedding dance to help you sparkle in the spotlight!