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The Area's Most Recommended Wedding Dance Company!
" We turned our dance lessons into a dinner and dancing date! It became a welcomed weekly escape from our hectic wedding planning." Cindy Rich, Newlywed and Senior Writer for Washingtonian Magazine "

The Short History of Our Company

The Wedding Dance Specialists is the premiere national expert of the wedding dance industry. Deborah Joy and Brian Block founded the company in 2000, while engaged and preparing their own “First Dance.” Year after year, The Wedding Dance Specialists was the first and remains the most recommended wedding dance company according to engaged couples, wedding vendors and the media. Appearing repeatedly on Oprah Winfrey’s Oxygen Network, The Wedding Dance Specialists and their students starred on an episode of “Real Weddings by the Knot”, the nation’s first wedding reality show. In addition to attracting celebrity clientele, The Wedding Dance Specialists inspired an entire niche industry and trailblazed the trends that have expanded worldwide! TWDS has taught over 10,000 engaged couples so you can trust the premier national experts on wedding dance to help you sparkle in the spotlight!

Olympic Gold Medalist
"The Wedding Dance Specialists took us from having no dance skills to being able to dance at our wedding. We highly recommend them. Our First Dance was a huge hit! Robert did the lift wonderfully and the dip was great too! We also did a lot of fun, fast dancing during the reception. Everyone was so surprised because we are usually pretty reserved and rarely dance; thus it was that much sweeter! Thanks for your help we appreciate it!"
— Olympic Gold Medalist, Kerri Strug and Robert Fischer

Our Wedding Dance Designers

Deborah Joy

Celebrity wedding dance expert, Deborah Joy Block (The Fairy Godmother) is the nation's (planet's) leading expert in wedding dance instruction and teaches more engaged couples than anyone in the DC metro area. She has been teaching and performing for 25 years and pioneered the first wedding dance industry blueprint which inspired this niche industry worldwide! Deborah Joy and TWDS and her students were featured on the first national television wedding reality show "Real Weddings by the Knot" on Oprah Winfrey's Oxygen Network. Blocks expertise is regularly sought out by media and wedding industry leaders both locally and nationwide. Block successfully lobbied to put the entire "Dance Instruction" category on the map for every major magazine and wedding search engine who traditionally relegated dance lessons into the "Miscellaneous" or "Unique Services" category. This resulted in dance studios across the nation becoming a more relevant part of the wedding planning conversation and the First Dance is now recognized as the most sacred ritual of Western wedding receptions. Deborah Joy Block is the publisher of the online newsletter and blog "Wedding Planning 411" and has won countless wedding industry awards for having the most reviews from teaching thousands of engaged couples including celebrity clients. Additionally, In addition to hosting her own bridal tradeshow and planning her own wedding, Deborah Joy is a certified wedding planner through The Bridal Society in New York and recieved her wedding industry certificate from Wedding MBA in Las Vegas, NV. The Fair Godmother's dance training spans 19 years and includes several years as a full time apprentice and instructor working for two traditional studios, continuing education with world champions, competition judges, rising star talent and visiting coaches. She is hired to perform and teaches the following dance styles:

" My goal is to empower students with confidence and communication skills. My teaching philosophy is the non-verbal communication involved in partner dancing is a powerful tool for enhancing these skills because it encourages patience, teamwork, trust, respect and cooperation - - all the same assets that contribute toward a happy marriage! My teaching style is designed to get polished and smooth results quickly while incorparting fundamental concepts such as leading and following roles, styling, and technique. My husband and I experienced the wedding planning process personally and have over 12 years of established relationships with other wedding industry leaders so our lessons deliver a unique dance experience including valuable insights into the wedding planning process.

Deborah and Brian's First Dance:
Argentine Tango

Deborah and Brian's Last Dance:
Fox Trot

Testimonial: "Deborah's personality lights up a room like sunshine! She is a real positive force that has made a difference in our lifes and we are eager to tell others about her." --Frank and Michelle Schults, McLean VA

Brian Block, is the co-founder of TWDS, assists with teaching The Wedding Dance Boot Camps, co-hosts the Wedding Dance Workshops, is a contributing writer to Wedding Planning newsletter and performs dance demonstrations at various public events. Like all other grooms, Brian was not a professional dancer during his engagement. However, unlike most Grooms, Brian had the additional pressure of marrying a professional dance instructor and knowing that all of the wedding guests were skilled in ballroom dancing.
Brian received his wedding industry certificate from Wedding MBA in Las Vegas, NV.

"After having some time to reflect on the whole wedding and review our video and photography, I realized that our "First Dance" in the spotlight symbolized more than just fulfilling a social obligation to formally open the dance floor for our guests and entertain everyone. I recognized that everything else can be outsourced to a third party except the vows and the "First Dance." In retrospect I realized I was performing and as the Leader - responsible for the most sacred ritual of the reception that symbolizes our unity and teamwork as a couple."

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Brian Block's full time profession is as a real estate broker and loves helping nesting newlyweds dance into their new homes!