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" We turned our dance lessons into a dinner and dancing date! It became a welcomed weekly escape from our hectic wedding planning." Cindy Rich, Newlywed and Senior Writer of Washingtonian Magazine "

A full decade before Twitter, blogs, chat boards, online review sites, and Groupons ever existed, The Wedding Dance Specialists had compiled all of these concepts into our complimentary Wedding Planning newsletter! Our intention was and remains to provide engaged couples with a head start on wedding preparations and wedding dance lessons from both the newlywed and wedding vendor perspective!. We know how stressful planning a wedding can be even under ideal circumstances and since life happens while you are making plans, our goal is to help you stay sane so you can dance down the aisle to "I Do!" -- Sincerely, Deborah Joy and Brian Block, Founders of The Wedding Dance Specialists

May 2012 Newsletter

Writing Your Own Vows

From civil weddings to religious weddings, every type of ceremony generally involves reciting vows. If you have been provided with vows by your officiant, carefully read them to make sure that you understand them. If the words fail to express the depth, character and commitment of your impending union, check with your officiant about the possibility of writing your own unique vows. Such a personalized and creative touch deserves special commemoration in your program or framed as a keepsake!  If fyou and your betrothed have agreed to write your own vows, here are some tips to help you personalize your promises to one another:

·  Think about the meaning of your life, your love for each other and the reason you are wanting to share eternity with one another.

·  Take your time. Carry a little note pad around with you and when you think of something, write it down.

·  Read some love poems which capture the meaning of love and can inspire you.

·  Coordinate and prepare as a team. Decide with your fiancé whether you are having the same vows or each reciting unique vows. You don't want to end up with one partner reading a book and the other reciting 3 words. Communicate what you intend to say, the duration of the vows.

·  Talk to other married friends or family members and ask them what marriage means to them.

-  Play some of the favorite songs that you and your fiance enjoy together.P luck out your favorite lyrics!

-  Go online. There are tons of websites that offer free vows.

-  If you have compiled your feelings on paper but want a creative flair or a poetic lilt. You can hire a poet or creative writer to put the finishing touches on your vows.

Rock the Reception! by DJ Angie D Entertainment

We all know your wedding is about showing your family and friends your love for each other. It's also important that you throw a great party to celebrate that love and make your guest feel cherished. The music at a wedding can make or break a reception but so can the MC or DJ. A successful reception is more than just your song list and your theme. So how do you choose entertainment that your guests will enjoy while reflecting your own personal taste and style? How do you ensure that your guests will remember your wedding for years to come? While they may not remember if they ordered fish or chicken, they will remember if the event flowed seamlessly as they danced, laugh, cry and share cherished memories as they celebrate your sacred union!

A successful reception is more than just your song list and your theme. To make sure your reception really rocks and rolls, consider these four crucial elements:

  • Proper Planning – Does your wedding entertainer help with developing your timeline?  Is that timeline provided to all the other vendors? After all, you don't want your photographer missing your treasured moments because of poor communication and coordination. How is the playlist developed and are you allowed to make additions to it? No matter the style of music, is it professionally purchased and obscenity free?
  • Experience – How long has your wedding entertainer been doing weddings? Are they a part of organizations for professional development and networking? Is your entertainer experienced at playing a number of styles of music to suit each stage of the reception? Does he/she have outside reviews from vendors and clients?
  • Interacting with Guests – Does your wedding entertainer have an effervescent and energetic personality? Do they know how to interact and react to the mood of your guests?  Does your wedding entertainer offer Master of Ceremony services? Do they know how to make well-placed announcements for key events such as your entrance, significant dances, cake cutting and grand exit?
  • Working with Other Vendors – Often the MC or DJ serves as the choreographer for the energy of the event by pulling your timeline together and keeping it flowing. Is your wedding entertainer professional? Do they know how to work with other vendors to ensure your wedding celebration is the best that it can be? You’ve probably seen a bride standing at the edge of the dance floor waiting, while someone searches for her father, because the DJ announced the Father/Daughter dance without ensuring the father or the photographer was in the room!

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Wedding Dance Workshops: Recommended by Engaged Couples, Planners and Washingtonian Magazine!

Curriculum: Perfect for First Dance & Honors Dance with Parents
Workshop Part A (Foot Steps)
Workshop Part B (Twirls)

More details: For reviews, pictures and detailed description of the Wedding Dance Workshop click here

Registration Details: Virginia Workshops
City: Alexandria, VA 22314
Date: May 20, 2012
Time: 3-6pm
Early Registration: $60 per person / 3 hour workshop *
Late Registration: $70 per person / 3 hour workshop

Registration Details: Maryland Workshops
Columbia, MD 21026
Date: May 20, 2012
Time: 3-6pm
Early Registration: $60 per person/3 hour workshop *
Late Registration: $70 per person / 3 hour workshop

* Early Registration Deadline - May 15, 2012