The Wedding Dance Specialists The Wedding Dance Specialists
May 2005 Newsletter

" We turned our dance lessons into a dinner and dancing date! It became a welcomed weekly escape from our hectic wedding planning." Cindy Rich, Newlywed and Assistant Editor of Washingtonian Magazine "

May 2005 Newsletter

Dance Tip: Dancing In Your Wedding Gown
Wedding Planning Tip: Preserving Your Gown


The Bride should check to see if she can step backwards in her dress without stepping on the hem. If it pools at your feet, your new husband and your guests may step on it while dancing with you or hugging you. During your dress fitting, take a couple of large steps in every direction and raise your arms over your head. Make sure the dress fits so that you have some freedom of movement. If your dress is too long and has a crinoline, discuss the option of trimming the crinoline with your seamstress. Bring your wedding shoes or a pair with the same heel height during the fitting. We suggest that the gown’s hem is not all the way to the floor, especially in the front. Trains can and should be bustled during the reception. This will be the best party of your life and you want to be able to move around, dance and hug people with wild abandon! A few lessons before the wedding, a dress rehearsal with petticoat, shoes and veil is a good idea. This helps to eliminate surprises and possible distractions on the big day.

Wedding Planning Tip: Preserving Your Gown

Imperial Gown Restoration Company suggests you ask the following questions you when selecting a gown preservation company.

  • How long they have been in business?
  • Do they accept ordinary dry-cleaning or specialize in wedding gowns?
  • Who recommends them?
  • Do they require that you sign a "Release" or a "Disclaimer"? You should never be asked to sign any document that says they are not responsible for damage to your gown.
  • Do they include all accessories, such as your headpiece, veil, garter, etc. and at what additional charge. Many "bridal gown cleaners" add extra charges for each item.
  • What about their preservation boxes. Insist that only properly sized, certified pH-neutral boxes or acid-free boxes, packaging materials and desiccants be used for the safety of your gown.
  • Do they guarantee that invisible stains like perspiration or white wines will be removed? Hidden stains can turn yellow within a few years.
  • Do they allow you to unseal and inspect your gown - whenever you wish - to see that it has remained clean and preserved? Do not accept any warranty that limits your right to unseal the box to inspect your gown!
  • View a copy of their warranty! Do not accept "Lifetime" or "Refund" warranties! (Whose "lifetime" do they mean?) A genuine professional will give you a Replacement Value warranty, which covers you gown for an unambiguous, specifically stated number of years!
  • Ask about price. If they charge one price for every gown, they are treating all gowns the same. Different fabrics, trims & stains require different care and should have varying prices. If your gown is damaged by improper or unprofessional care you have saved nothing!
    To view the full article with more specifics on gown preservation, click on the logo below for Imperial Gown Restoration Company

Vendor Special Offers

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Featured Dance Style: Club Hustle/Disco

Most Disco dances have strong roots in Swing. The Hustle is believed to have originated in New York in 1970. It went through many incarnations in the seventies, with line dances for groups of people, solo movements that came and went, and partnership dances. These partnership dances included The Basic Hustle, Latin, Spanish, Tango Hustle and the most popular version -- Street Hustle, a three-count or Swing Hustle that originated in California by skaters in Venice and Malibu. John Travolta and "Saturday Night Fever" gave the dance its place in American pop culture. Hustle is danced to contemporary pop, Hip Hop, or "House" dance music over the last 20 years. Most people dance New York style or Swing Hustle. It is a fast and reactive dance with an emphasis on armstyling and numerous hand holding positions. The lady spins almost continuously, while her partner leads her back and forth in a "slotted" linear formation.

Hustle Song Samples:

Be With You” Enrique Iglesias
"Material Girl" by Madonna
"Ready For The Good Times” by Shakira
"Last Dance" by Donna Summer
”White Wedding” by Billy Idol


Dance and Romance Date Night Ideas

There are so many opportunities and venues to enjoy your dancing skills and appreciate the art of dance! The D.C. metro area dance world is your oyster! Whether you're in the mood to just soak in the atmosphere, meet up with friends, practice your new moves or escape wedding planning stess and enjoy a romantic date night, it's time to hit the town!

June 5, 2005 SalsaMetro.Com's 1st Wash., D.C. Group Salsa and Rueda Competition- at the Hilton Hotel, 8727 Colesville Road, Silver Spring, Md. $8,000 prizes

May 5-8, 18th annual Easterns - Washington Dance Challenge in Washington DC Hyatt Regency Crystal City Virginia - 1-800-633-7313 tickets online

Every Wednesday at the Rumba Cafe. Live music by The Tango Camerata, 9:30-11:30pm. Limited capacity - reservations: 202-588-5501.

Dinner - Dance Lessons Date Night Restaurant Review

Why not turn your weekly dance lessons into a date night? Escape from wedding planning stress and save yourself from cooking and dishes by treating yourselves to a delicious, relaxing and affordable meal before or after your weekly dance lessons! This month we feature a restaurant that is close to our Alexandria Studio location.

Hana Tokyo – Japanese Seafood and Steak House – open until 10pm weeknights
4603 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA 22304 (Fox Chase Shopping Center – 5 minutes from our Alexandria Studio) Hana Tokyo is a casual family style restaurant with dim lights, warm woods, wood tables and comfortable seating. Excellent, very fresh and very affordable food! For extra excitement experience the cuisine of  the entertaining and talented Hibachi chefs!

Movie Review - "Center Stage"

I really enjoyed this movie, especially the ending dance scenes. The mix of pop and pointe was a refreshing change from the typical ballet. This movie really captures the meaning of dance. It doesn't just show the finished product, it shows the grueling work and suffering of a dancer. This is a fun movie to watch and most people will enjoy it, but don't go into it expecting some cinematic brilliance. Even though I feel like the acting is strained and forced at times the dancing sequences are fun and impressive and it highlights the pressures of aspiring professional dancers on a physical and emotional level.

Dance AND Romance!

When picking up your sweetheart at the airport, be waiting at the gate with balloons or a bouquet of flowers.

Dance Bloopers!
These are NOT our students!
We promise you will never look like this! We GUARANTEE that you will look and feel more elegant after ONE lesson with us than if you just try to "wing it". There are no "accidents" in dancing. Every mistake can be corrected or prevented using a specific technique. Dancing is a science made to look like an art!

Watch that hand! Save it for the Honeymoon!

Wedding Etiquette: Tips For Managing The Guest List (Reprinted in part from Emily Post)

1. If you are planning a destination wedding that involves very long distance travel, send out save the date announcements as soon as possible to allow guests to make hotel reservations, save money on airfare, get time off from work and possibly plan family vacations around the wedding.

2. When paring down a large guest list avoid hurt feelings by eliminating categories as opposed to individuals. For example forgo all cousins.

3. Delete all work associates or just invite the boss and your assistant or just your immediate department.

4. This is not the time for parents to be fulfilling their own social obligations for weddings they’ve attended – especially ones you haven’t.

5. Anyone invited to a shower must also be invited to the wedding with the exception of a bridal shower hosted by your office.

6. Factor in whether friends who live far away can attend. Call them in advance and inquire.

7. If you must minimize the attendance of children you can provide a baby sitting service at the hotel or a family member’s home, limit the age of children invited or indicate that children are not invited by only including the names of the parents on the outside and inside of the invitation.

8. If you are looking for a practical solution to controlling the number of guests and staying within your budget you can also create a “stand by list” with everybody’s wish list. This means you should mail out your “A List” invitations earlier than normally suggested. Make sure nobody knows about this “B List” and make sure you mail out the “B List” invitations well in advance so the guests don’t feel like an afterthought and have enough time to prepare for the wedding.

9. Create a guest list spread sheet with the following information about each guest: full name, address, telephone number and relationship to bride or groom, RSVP answer, a description of any gift received and the date a thank you note was sent, indicate if they are from out of town and whether they will they receive a welcome basket, special directions for lodging or parties.