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" We turned our dance lessons into a dinner and dancing date! It became a welcomed weekly escape from our hectic wedding planning." Cindy Rich, Newlywed and Assistant Editor of Washingtonian Magazine "

March 2006 Newsletter

Dance Tip: The Grand Finale
Deborah Joy, Founder of The Wedding Dance Specialists has some suggestions regarding the grand finale. No dance is complete without a grand finale including a dip and elegant exit off of the dance floor. Your instructor will show you how to dip safely and comfortably, for a terrific photo!  The dip should be as smooth and coordinated as the rest of your dance. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Plan to dip during the last 15-30 seconds of the song. Listen for the phrase that will warn you when to get prepared.

2. The groom should get a good hold on you before he starts dipping, THIS IS THE SIGNAL that he is about to dip you.

3. Let him dip you!!! Hold on to his hand for stability. Fighting the dip is an exercise in futility unless you are as strong as the man you are marrying. He will simply use more force and be less balanced while trying to hold you up. The Bride should wait for the Groom to bring her up from the dip.

4. The dip need not be very deep or low to be visually effective. A balanced dip where you are both comfortable and smiling at the crowd or at each other is far preferable to one where you are looking awkward and fearful of falling.

5. Take your time. Try to match the mood of the music as you enter the dip.

6. Stabilize your base of support. Both Bride and Groom should keep both feet on the ground.

7. Smile with your teeth showing. This makes the dip look effortless.

Wedding Planning Tip: Wedding Tips:  The Gown:  What’s your style?

Choosing a gown can be overwhelming. Perhaps consider the style of wedding you envision. The style of the dress should reflect that theme. Color may play a part too. Many manufacturers now offer gold, champagne, ivory, and blush, in addition to traditional white. Often more flattering, you may like these softer hues. The rule is there are no rules. It's your day and you should love how you look. There are five basic dress styles and each is designed to fit a different type of body.

45226 very full lace over lay ball gown with rhinestone accent at waist in stock now at dc bridal waconia minnesota crinoline not needed remove tulle to desired fullness. The ball gown:  “Cinderella style” has a form fitting top and full skirt. This style flatters  most body shapes and sizes and is admired for its ability to camoflage lower body figure a line aline style wedding gown and bridal dress strapless sleeveless  sleeves plus size and so much more.  cheap discount prices

The A-line gown:  It looks like the shape of an A.  It has a slim bodice and widens from the waist down.  It is a great choice for petite brides or those who want to appear taller. If you have large hips an A-line gown gives height reduces width to create a slimming effect.

This gown is named Pia,  a princess silhouette, discount princess style wedding gown and bridal dress strapless sleeveless  sleeves plus size and so much more.  Buy retail now at dc bridal boutique waconia mn bridal shopThe empire style:  This dress has high gathered waist that is cropped just below the chest and flows into a flaring skirt.  This style is great for women who want to hide a thicker waistline.


The sheath:  Often called a mermaid gown, this dress is form fitting and tapered to the floor.  It is best for very shapely women.

W1 White OneThe slip dress:  A sheer style dress that clings to the body.  This dress should be worn by those with flawless figures.

No matter what your dress style, plan on trying on a few dresses to explore. Something that didn't appeal to you on the hanger just might surprise you! Seek help from the gown professionals trained to help you achieve the ideal result. Their guidance may aviod future hassles, headaches, and frustrations. Although some brides have an easy time finding a dress with the perfect fit, most brides should allow time for shopping, ordering, shipment and then up to three custom fittings.  It is also important to remember that to order and custom fit a bridal gown is usually a lot longer than anticipated.  The final payoff for your efforts is a dress that thrills you and enchants your guests!

Wedding Movie Review: Father of the Bride
Based on the Spencer Tracy classic, George and Nina Banks (Steve Martin and Diane Keaton) are a happily married middle-age couple whose daughter Annie (Kimberly Williams) has returned from a whirlwind trip to Rome only to tell her parents that she is engaged to Bryan MacKenzie (George Newburn).  George can’t believe that his little girl is actually getting married, he can’t imagine life without his daughter.  Nina tries to help George to feel happiness for his daughter but he instead goes slightly insane as all of the wedding planning begins.  Nina and Annie hire Franck (martin Short), a wedding planner, to help organize their plan.  Franck basically takes over the wedding planning and George is stuck with all the expenses (including dinner at $250.00 a head) which only adds to his craziness. Yet amidst the mayhem of meeting the in-laws, renovating his home to accommodate hundreds of invited guests and looking for cost-cutting alternatives (such as reusing his 20-year-old tuxedo), the script still manages to capture the deep sentiment of the bond between George and Annie, as well as the strength and stability to be found in a loving marriage.

This is a sweet and funny movie that also has some sentimental value.  It definitely pokes fun at planning a wedding and in the midst of your own stressful wedding planning can definitely give you a few smiles or even laughs.  It is an excellent movie to enjoy with the entire family before your wedding day, or maybe you want to invite your father to a daddy daughter night sometime before the big day!  It is one that can be watched numerous times, and still thoroughly enjoyed.

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Dance Bloopers!
These are NOT our students!
We promise you will never look like this! We GUARANTEE that you will look and feel more elegant after ONE lesson with us than if you just try to "wing it". There are no "accidents" in dancing. Every mistake can be corrected or prevented using a specific technique. Dancing is a science made to look like an art!

Practicing chiropractics without a license on the dancefloor!
The groom should have his body weight to the side of the bride not straddling her with all of his weight straining her back.

Wedding Etiquette: Toasts (reprinted in part from Emily Post)

Toasting the bride and groom on their wedding day is a cherished tradition and will surely be one of the most memorable parts of your reception.  It is traditional to toast with champagne – a lighter than air liquid expression of the happiness shared by all of your wedding guests -  however any beverage of choice including water, soft drinks, punch, or juice is acceptable.

When do you pour the champagne?  At a sit down reception, champagne is poured as soon as the guests are seated.  At a cocktail reception it is poured after everyone has gone through the receiving line.

How do you get the guests attention?  The best man gets the attention of all the guests either from his table, or the microphone and proceeds to give the first toast.

Who gives a toast?   It is perfectly fine for the best man to be the only one to give a toast, however often both fathers give toasts welcoming each others family and guests and also acknowledging their children’s happiness.  The maid of honor or other bridal party guests may also give toasts and the groom often toasts his bride and new parents-in-law.  If there are any letters, messages or telegrams that have been sent, they should be read by the best man.

Who stands, who sits?  Everyone should rise for toasts to the newlyweds except the bride and groom.  If a toast is directed at the bride, then the groom rises and if a toast is directed toward their parents then they both rise.  If everyone is standing including the bride and groom, then the newlyweds smile as the toast is made.  They do not drink a toast to themselves.

What if the bride and groom toast?  When the bride and groom are making a toast together, they do not speak in unison.  They stand together while one speaks or take turns speaking.

Fun toasting facts:  In 16th century France, it was customary for men to toast the health of any woman present at a banquet.  This evolved into toasting the bride at the wedding feast. 

The even older tradition of clinking glasses was said to be a way to fight off evil spirits.

Dance and Romance Date Night Ideas

Date: Sunday, March 19
Time: 8.30 pm - 11 pm at
Address: Bangkok Cafe, 926 West Broad Street, Falls Church, VA, See Bangkok Cafe Website for directions.
Contact: phone 703-534-0095.
Admission: $10
Details: Live tango music and tango dancing from 8.30 -11 pm.