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" We turned our dance lessons into a dinner and dancing date! It became a welcomed weekly escape from our hectic wedding planning." Cindy Rich, Newlywed and Assistant Editor of Washingtonian Magazine "

July 2008 Newsletter

Dance Floor Etiquette: Asking Your Guests for a Dance at the Reception

Dancing with your guests is not only polite but a great way to spend some time with each of them. Once you learn the basics you will feel more confident and excited about dancing with your guests who may have gone to great trouble and expense for the privilege of sharing in your special day. And after all, you have the rest of your life to dance in the arms of your spouse! Therefore, the bride and groom and distinguished enterouge should involve the other guests by inviting them to dance during general dancing. The following points should be kept in mind:

  • Requests should be simple and polite - "May I have the pleasure of this dance?" or "Would you like to Waltz?" For those people you are more familiar with just smiling and offering your hand is often enough.
  • Ask the person directly not through their companion - checking with an intermediary such as his/her conversation companion is unnecessary. If he/she is inclined to do so he/she can do so personally. However, it is best not to bluntly interupt a conversation to whisk someone away for a dance. It's advised to introduce yourself to everyone and join the conversation first for a few moments.
  • Be clear on who you are specifically inviting - make direct eye contact, extend your hand and preferably use the person's name.
  • Avoid monopolizing a partner's time - it is considered more social to dance with as many people as possible and especially let the advanced dancers share their time around.
  • Avoid crossing in front of other's to approach the invitee - it is preferable to walk behind those you are not inviting to dance that way it is not an obvious brush off.

Planning Tip: Saving Money on the Reception Site
Time is of the essence when selecting a reception site as they can fill up as much as a year in advance. Some people prefer the convenience of having the ceremony and reception in one place. Others have their hears set on two distinctly unique and equally perfect settings. Whatever you decide, here are some tips to keep your costs down when selecting a reception site.

  1. Municipal or government owned sites - often are located on large plots of real estate that may have beautiful skylines, natural preserves, parks or gardens . The facility and grounds are usually well-maintained and you are responsible for providing everything else a la carte. This gives you a lot of flexibility in choosing vendors you really like and can afford.
  2. Try to select sites that will allow you to bring in your own caterer or atleast find a comparable menu quote from competing caterers and ask them to match it.
  3. Consider an off-peak time of year for your region a weekday or a Friday or Sunday.
  4. Host the reception in your home - just plan on accounting for any extra costs like furniture and chairs, a backyard tent or temporary furniture move out and storeage to make space for everyone and to create the ambience you desire.
  5. Consider your ceremony site - your house of worship may have a very affordable but simple reception hall attached to it.

Dance TV: America's Best Dance Crew

America's Best Dance Crew is an American television show hosted by Dancing With the Stars finalist Mario Lopez. The show features street dance crews from the United States showing off their best hip hop and break dancing while often integrating many other dance styles too. The show is produced by American Idol judge Randy Jackson and airs on MTV on Saturday at 10pm.

Date Night

Event: DanceSport Championships
Dates: August 21- 23
Location: Hilton Alexandria Mark Center, 5000 Seminary Road, Alexandria VA 22311
Price: $35 in advance - $45 at the door
Payment details:
Attire: Business casual or cocktail dress, shirt & tie, suit jacket or blazer. - wear comfortable shoes.NO JEANS OR SHORTS, PLEASE!
FYI - space is limited but seating can be reserved with prepayment. Limited bleacher seating available. Bring a seat pad!

SESSION 4 - Friday Evening -Doors open at 6pm
Come around 8:00 PM to see the higher level dancing, a varied display of styles and avoid sitting or standing too long.
Professional Rising Star American Smooth
Professional Rising Star American Rhythm
Professional Showdance Championship *

SESSION 6 - Saturday Evening - Doors Open at 8:00 PM finishes around midnight
Professional Open International Standard
Professional Open American Rhythm
Amateur Youth Open International Latin
Professional Open American Smooth
Professional Open International Latin

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Nesting Newlyweds: -by Brian Block, Real Estate Broker/Attorney

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