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July 2006 Newsletter

Dance Tip: Dancing in the Wedding Gown

The Bride should check to see if she can step backwards in her dress without stepping on the hem. If it pools at your feet, your new husband and your guests may step on it while dancing with you or hugging you. During your dress fitting, take a couple of large steps in every direction and raise your arms over your head. Make sure the dress fits so that you have some freedom of movement. If your dress is too long and has a crinoline, discuss the option of trimming the crinoline with your seamstress. Bring your wedding shoes or a pair with the same heel height during the fitting. We suggest that the gown's hem is not all the way to the floor, especially in the front. Trains can and should be bustled during the reception. This will be the best party of your life and you want to be able to move around, dance and hug people with wild abandon! .A few lessons before the wedding, a dress rehearsal with petticoat, shoes and veil is a good idea. This helps to eliminate surprises and possible distractions on the big day.

Wedding Planning Tip: Styleauteur, making life as a bride easier every day . . .

By Lauren Rothman, Founder of Styleauteur

As a bride, you sometimes feel overwhelmed with planning details that range from food selections to music, flowers, guest lists and, of course, your most important style debut as a bride. Walking down the aisle in your wedding dress is one of the style pinnacles of your life and a moment where you have chosen to be a princess or a goddess . . . to have a royal wedding or a beach one . . .to wear a fitted gown or a ball gown . . . there is no right or wrong. Only beautiful. Choosing a gown is one of the most emotional experiences throughout your time as a bride . . . living up to the daydream you may have had since you were five or fulfilling a fantasy your mother envisions for you. It is never easy because most people are not used to seeing themselves in a gown and the dress often looks different on than it did on the hanger. Rest assured, each dress you try on makes you look even more beautiful and the hard part is choosing which part to play on the big day when you say I Do . . .

Though you are planning one of the most special events of your life, wedding planning can become tiresome. Many brides grow tired after selecting a wedding dress. Facing yourself in the mirror and thinking “does this dress look good?” while you try on countless gowns is no easy task! I have encountered many brides who simply want “it done.” “It” is always different – asking a wedding planner or friend to help choose flowers or recommend a band, to working with a personal shopper to help the bride choose clothing for her honeymoon (and wedding). There is only so much a bride can do in 24 hours and she often needs help – from her mother, fiancé, best friend, or stylist to help her make decisions that will lift her to the best person she can be on her wedding day and throughout her wedding weekend.

Imagine not having to think about what to wear throughout your bridal activities . . . having someone lay out your bridal shower outfit . . . and then helping you choose the perfect sexy something for your bachelorette party . . . and, next thing you know your rehearsal dinner outfit is planned and ready . . . your outfit for the brunch is right around the corner . . . as your honeymoon outfit is being packed! All of it representing you and your simple flawless style . . . perhaps it has a little Jennifer Aniston, a splash of funky Sarah Jessica Parker, the sophistication of Audrey Hepburn . . . or any other style icons you may have. Working with a fashion consultant (also known as a personal shopper or stylist) can help prevent many style and fashion induced stress episodes! Working with a style and image professional is not reserved for celebrities – it is an easy, time saving, and cost effective way to ease your stress and enhance your best attributes!

As the founder of Styleauteur, a fashion consulting company in the DC metro area, I help many busy men and women look and feel stylish. Styleauteur identifies pop culture movements and trends before they hit the mainstream and educates clients about projecting the right image for work and play.  Our trend forecasting techniques make fashion trends accessible and our services are unique because our clients are real people with real bodies . . . and real budgets! Styleauteur creates simple strategies to help you learn to love your clothes and get dressed with style every day. From planning your wedding wardrobe to presenting a fun and fashion filled seminar for you and your friends on girls’ night out (or in!) – Styleauteur will keep you feeling stylish and informed of what’s hot and what’s not!

As you build a relationship with your fashion consultant, you will find she anticipates your style and shopping needs. From alerting you to a sale that may have the perfect shoes for your post-wedding brunch outfit to assisting you in selecting gifts for your wedding party – even helping your mom find the perfect Mother-of-the-Bride look, your consultant will help shape the identity of your personal style. Bridal accessories to honeymoon must haves – we will inform you of it all!

Have fun selecting your wedding dress and enjoy every moment. The best accessory for any dress on your big day is a smile.

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Featured Dance Style: Foxy

When you encounter a song that is so slow that you wonder how you could even dance to it at all or if you hear a song that doesn't seem to have a clear and distinctive tempo, it is probably a Foxy. The Foxy is a style of dance that is a hybrid between a Waltz and a Fox Trot. It can incorporate patterns from both dance and the tempo can vary from all slow beats, all quick beats or a combination of both depending on the speed of the song. Like Waltz and Fox Trot, the Foxy travels elegantly around the perimeter of the room and incorporates gentle and occassional twirling of the lady. However, it is smoother and softer in appearance than Fox Trot and generally danced to 4/4 timing unlike the 3 beat timing of Waltz. Very slow love ballads that range from the classics to contemporary are the ideal songs for this dance style.

Examples include:
"At Last" by Etta James
"What A Wonderful World" Louis Armstrong
"Amazed" Lonestar
see more examples of Foxy on our Song Suggestion List

Dance and Romance

Dancing is symbolic of love and unity and a celebration of life. That is why watching world renound dancers is so inspiring and romantic. We encourage you to take advantage of the limitless opportunities and venues to appreciate the art of dance at it's finest! The D.C. metro area dance world is your oyster! Escape from wedding planning stress and enjoy a romantic date night while learning about the exciting world of dance! It's time to hit the town!

Noche Flamenca
Born of passion and sensuality, Noche Flamenca is one of Spain's most successful flamenco companies of dancers, singers, and guitarists. Noche Flamenca celebrates the essence, purity, and integrity of one of the most complicated and mysterious art forms. It is nothing less than "a soul-stirring tour-de-force of theater," exclaims The New York Times.

Event: Noche Flamenca
Date: July 25
Price: $10-$34
Location: Wolf Trap, Filene Center
Address: 1551 Trap Rd. Vienna, VA

Movie Review:  My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Toula Portakalos (Nia Vardalos) feels trapped in her large Greek family, where women are expected to do only three things: "marry Greek men, have Greek babies, and feed everyone until the day they die." Rebelling against this fate, Toula quits the family restaurant, goes to college, fixes her hair, and falls in love with Ian (John Corbett), a guy who is way-too-good-to-be-true, and not Greek. This horrifies Toula's Greek culture-crazed father (Michael Constantine) and sets off a major culture clash between her loud, eccentric family (whose activities include roasting whole lambs on the front-yard barbecue spit) and Ian's subdued, overcivilized Anglo-Saxon parents.

Based on Vardalos' own autobiographical one-woman play, MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING is that rare romantic comedy that has the courage to trust its simple, human story and not resort to overwrought Hollywood sentimentality and phony glamour (all the characters in the film look and act like real people). It's also filled with big, fat, crowd-pleasing laughs, making it a wedding most worth attending. Co-produced by Tom Hanks, the movie is set in Chicago, but was filmed in Toronto. The spirited cast includes Lainie Kazan and Andrea Martin (of SCTV fame) as Toula's mom and aunt.

Rolling Stone - "...Heartfelt and hilarious in ways you can't fake. It's a keeper..." (05/09/2002, p.80; Peter Travers)

Chicago Sun Times - "...[A] warm-hearted slice of life..." (07/28/2002, p.5; Roger Ebert)

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Dance Bloopers

Just going through the motions....
No eye contact? No smiles?
Where's the joy?

Wedding Etiquette: Navigating the "Bottom Line" - the Wedding Budget

Planning a wedding can be a learning experience for everyone involved. Especially if it's you and your family's first experience with planning one. Just going to your first bridal show can be overwhelming, let along trying to figure out the finances and plan a wedding from scratch. Every culture and every family handles the finances and the actual work of wedding planning differently. Some parents pay and plan the entire wedding, other cultures incorporate the entire community in the contribution of time and money. Some couples pay and plan the entire affair themselves and there is a whole range of possibilities in between. To minimize stress and friction during the planning stages it is important to:

1. itemize the potential expenses.
2. envision your ideal low, medium and high budget wedding.
3. loosely plan a wedding in all three price ranges by selecting your favorite vendors for each category.
4. determine who is participating in the planning and budget process.
5. understand everyone's priorities and limitations.
6. courteously accept what each participant is willing to contribute in terms of time and money.

If you can envision scenarios in which you will be satisfied with the overall outcome of each type of budget, then it should go along way in helping keep nerves calm and tensions low. Remember that the REAL bottom line is not the budget - It's you and your soulmate choosing to spend the rest of your lives together!